Russia reveals large nuclear torpedo in state TV ‘leak’

Torpedo diagram shown on Russian state TV Image copyright Russian state TV Symbol caption Technical details of the torpedo had been obviously visual in the transient shot on state TV

The Kremlin says secret plans for a Russian lengthy-range nuclear torpedo – called “Standing-6” – should not have seemed on Russian TV news.

The leak came about throughout a document on state-run Channel One approximately President Vladimir Putin assembly military chiefs in the town of Sochi.

One general was observed finding out a diagram of the “devastating” torpedo device.

Launched via a submarine, it might create “wide areas of radioactive illness”, the file says.

The “oceanic multi-objective Standing-6 system” is designed to “spoil important economic installations of the enemy in coastal areas and cause assured devastating harm to the country’s territory by way of developing extensive areas of radioactive infection, rendering them unusable for army, economic or different process for a long time”, the report says.

Symbol copyright AP A Few commentators in Russian media suggest leak of huge torpedo plan was deliberate this type of torpedo was envisaged in nineteen fifties, all over Cold Conflict, through nuclear physicist Andrei Sakharov – later a famous dissident and peace activist ONE HUNDRED-megaton warhead may just devastate US coast with massive tsunami and excessive radiation Soviet “Tsar Bomba” used to be biggest nuclear device ever detonated – it used to be FIFTY EIGHT megatons Torpedo “leak” is warning to US to not are seeking nuclear benefit, says Russian army analyst Igor Korotchenko.

Ahead Of the torpedo diagram came into view in the state TELEVISION report, Mr Putin may well be heard telling the generals that the united states and its Nato allies have been forging beforehand with a world anti-missile defence system “unfortunately ignoring our issues and our provides of co-operation”.

He said the Western defence challenge was once “an attempt to undermine the prevailing parity in strategic nuclear guns and necessarily to dissatisfied the whole gadget of worldwide and nearby stability”.

Symbol copyright Symbol caption RS-24 ballistic missile: Russia is increasing its strategic nuclear arsenal Symbol copyright Getty Pictures Image caption The Large torpedoes could be loaded on to especially tailored nuclear submarines

In June Mr Putin said Russia could placed greater than 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles into service this yr.

US ‘actual purpose’

The US is creating the ocean-based totally Aegis Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) system to counter the perceived danger of quick- and medium-range ballistic missiles from Iran or some other so-referred to as “rogue” state. Under the plan, air defence missiles will eventually be sited on land in Romania and Poland.

Mr Putin dismissed that Nato argument, pointing to the international deal, agreed this 12 months, enforcing limits on Iran’s nuclear programme.

“References to an Iranian or North Korean nuclear missile risk are only used to hide the real plans – their real objective is to neutralise the strategic nuclear doable of different nuclear states… mainly, in fact, Russia,” Mr Putin advised the generals in Sochi, a Black Sea hotel.

He said Russia could continue creating strategic offensive programs able to penetrating any anti-missile defence.

According to state-run Rossiiskaya Gazeta, the destructive energy attributed to the new torpedo’s warhead may are compatible the outline of a cobalt bomb.

That would be a kind of thermonuclear warhead with a layer of cobalt-59, which on detonation would be transmuted into highly radioactive cobalt-60 with a half-lifestyles longer than 5 years.

this kind of weapon may guarantee “that everything dwelling will be killed”, the paper mentioned – there wouldn’t even be any survivors in bunkers.

A cobalt bomb has never been examined as a result of the devastating radiation it would unleash.

“but it surely will also be regarded as a means of deterrence – like the Perimetr system, that is on struggle readiness, which guarantees retaliation with all of Russia’s nuclear forces although command posts and the country’s management have been annihilated”.

Russian military professionals informed BBC Russian Carrier:

A warhead of as much as 100 megatons may produce a tsunami as much as 500m (1,650ft) top, wiping out all living things 1,500km (930 miles) deep inside US territory – Konstantin Sivkov, Russian Geopolitical Academy Robotic torpedo proven could have other functions, similar to turning in deep-sea apparatus or installing surveillance devices. The Russian defence ministry has a distinct department for deep-sea analysis – Konstantin Bogdanov, site This Is no mystery for the us, whose military could also be operating within the area of robot submersibles for looking and destroying submarines – Viktor Murakhovsky, reserve colonel, editor of Arsenal of the Place Of Origin magazine.

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