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Stanford sex assault: Brock Turner’s attorney launches enchantment

Stanford sex assault: Brock Turner’s attorney launches enchantment
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Brock Turner, former Stanford swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, at Santa Clara County Jail on 2 September 2016 Image copyright Reuters Image caption Brock Turner used to be noticed by other scholars sexually assaulting the girl in 2016

A legal professional for a former US scholar convicted of sexually assaulting an subconscious girl has introduced an appeal to have the ruling overturned.

Brock Turner used to be sentenced to 6 months in prison in 2016 for assaulting the lady outside a Stanford School fraternity house a yr earlier.

The sentencing judge was once broadly criticised for leniency and removed from administrative center through voters in June.

On Tuesday, his legal professional argued there have been inadequate proof to convict.

Turner, a champion swimmer, used to be found in charge of 3 legal fees.

Image copyright Getty Pictures Image caption Anger on the sentence sparked a campaign to have Judge Aaron Persky recalled

The case sparked a debate in the US approximately sexual attack and whether or not white males from wealthy backgrounds are treated more favourably through courts.

Outrage at the sentencing was compounded by a letter from Turner’s father pronouncing his son’s existence could “never be the one that he dreamed approximately… a steep worth to pay for 20 mins of motion out of his 20-plus years of life”.

The sufferer, who has remained anonymous, immediately addressed Turner in courtroom and made a transferring have an effect on remark that used to be widely read online.

Judge Aaron Persky was later removed from his put up via citizens in Santa Clara County following a marketing campaign to unseat him.

He mentioned he had no regrets concerning the case and have been bound via sentencing and probation guidelines.

Judge Persky was once cleared of misconduct via the California Commission on Judicial Efficiency.