Surviving a shark attack: Do you actually have to punch it?

A Great White Shark is attracted by a lure in Gansbaai, South Africa Image copyright Dan Kitwood/Getty Pictures Image caption A Perfect White Shark pictured in Gansbaai, South Africa

It Sounds As If if you are attacked by way of a shark, it is helping to have learn the news.

Fortunately for surfer Charlie Fry, while a 2m (6.5ft) long shark introduced at him on a seashore near Sydney, he remembered a well-known survival story.

The supply – Australian professional surfer Mick Fanning, who punched a shark within the again survive TV all through a contest in South Africa.

Both males have been lucky enough to escape with their lives. But is punching the predator in reality the most efficient way out of that state of affairs?

We got a few expert advice on live to tell the tale a shark attack…

Image copyright Technology Photograph Library Image caption Tiger sharks are curious animals, and will be found in warm, shallow waters

“a super white does not need a mouthful of wetsuit and sinew – we’re not at the menu, it’s simply interest. Sharks exhibit body language, similar to a dog. you realize while that dog’s starting to growl, bare its tooth – and it’s precisely the comparable with a shark. While that happens, you have got to be calm.”

And the worst time and place to swim?

“Do Not swim at first light or nightfall,” Mr Peirce advises. “Those are the times that sharks can make mistakes. and those are also prime searching times.

“and also you wouldn’t swim in an estuary scenario. Bull sharks reside in recent water and sea water. you would not swim any place near a fishing boat, because they might be discarding guts and bits of old fish – all of with a purpose to herald sharks and placed them in feeding mode.”

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Media captionA British man has advised FIVE are living Breakfast how he swam over four miles to protection after being “adopted” via a tiger shark

So how dangerous is it, in point of fact?

There are over FOUR HUNDRED species of shark, and around a dozen are considered extremely bad to humans – exceptionally the good white, tiger shark and bull shark.

The probabilities of dying in a shark attack are indubitably extremely narrow. The Florida Museum of Natural Historical Past puts the chances of a fatal assault at about 1 in THREE,748,067.

But after all, the chance relies to your habits – surfers are patently more likely to run into a fin than folks who rarely set foot in the sea, as estimated.

It also relies the place you might be. The coasts of South Africa, Brazil, Hawaii, and Fiji are all shark territory, even as in the US Florida and California are such a lot affected.

There have been 18 shark attacks – including one deadly incident – in Australia this yr, in line with the Australian Shark Attack File,

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However overall, sharks are at much better chance from humans than we are from them. A Few estimates counsel an surprising 100 million die due to human activity once a year – or round ELEVEN,000 an hour.

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