Tanzania’s John Magufuli says prisoners are unfastened labour

File picture of John Magufuli (2015) Symbol copyright Reuters Image caption Rights groups have accused Mr Magufuli of intolerance towards competition politicians, homosexuals and different teams

The president of Tanzania has referred to as for prisoners to be made to paintings lengthy hours, and to be punished in the event that they are lazy.

John Magufuli was once talking at the inauguration of a brand new prisons chief.

Rights groups have accused him of growing intolerance.

Mr Magufuli has lost his preliminary huge reputation through clamping down at the media, focused on opposition politicians and calling for pregnant schoolgirls to be banned from school.

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He mentioned inmates must develop their very own meals in jail fields.

“it’s a shame for the country to proceed to feed prisoners. all of the prisons have fields, inmates must domesticate them,” he said.

“Some jail workforce wouldn’t have homes. Make the prisoners paintings, let them make bricks day and evening. if they display laziness, kick them. you could have labourers, and free of charge,” he added.

He also referred to as for conjugal visits to be stopped.

“a man is in prison, leaving his wife outdoor, and a prison legitimate receives this girl and authorises the prisoner to do issues he is now not supposed to do right through his detention. i don’t want to pay attention communicate of that anymore,” he mentioned.

Mr Magufuli mentioned the underemployment of inmates resulted in drug use and homosexuality in jails.

“i don’t need to pay attention about this. i would like reforms within the control of prisons,” he stated.

The leader, whose nickname is The Bulldozer, has been accused by detractors of changing into increasingly more authoritarian – a price he denies.

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