Thai cave: Rising water stops divers in search of missing boys

Entrance to the cave

Rising water levels have interrupted efforts to seek out 12 youngsters and their football tutor trapped in a cave in northern Thailand.

Pumping was halted and with the doorway flooded, Thai army divers had to forestall their seek.

The boys aged ELEVEN to 16 and their 25-12 months-old tutor entered the cave on Saturday and there has been no touch with them due to the fact that.

The rescue operation is now that specialize in finding otherwise into the cave.

Thai government said they deliberate to drill a slender shaft into the mountain to create an alternate access aspect.

it is now not identified, then again, where within the cave the group are trapped nor even whether or not they are still alive.

Messages the children despatched before environment off to explore the cave on Saturday counsel that they had taken torches and some food.

Image copyright Fb/ekatol Symbol caption A Fb photo displays the show with what’s concept to be his football group

What are their survival possibilities?

Caving mavens have advised the BBC that as long as they’re in a chamber above flood ranges, they have got an opportunity of survival.

The largest risks for the youngsters could be hypothermia or lack of oxygen.

Cave temperatures are believed to be among 20C and 25C (68F to 77F) that is still relatively heat. Until their clothes are wet, the temperatures are not thought to be an issue.

The porous lime stone manner there must be enough oxygen although a few caves within the area are known to contain unhealthy air wallet with carbon dioxide.

What to do to survive underground

Tham Luang, Thailand’s fourth longest cave, is known to be vulnerable to flooding through the wet season.

the teens and train are believed to have been bring to a halt from the entrance by way of rising floodwaters.

Rescue teams and volunteers have over the past days frantically attempted to search out some way into the cave, scouring the surrounding area for holes, but have failed to get via.

‘The most horrific experience’

Joshua Morris runs caving and mountain climbing excursions in northern Thailand and has two of his staff helping the rescue operations. He informed the BBC there still is a chance the men are alive.

“What flooded is a slender passage about 2km (1.4 miles) into the cave. If the kids are at the other aspect of that, they might be in the next chamber which is nonetheless dry,” he explains.

“Being trapped in a cave like this is most certainly one among essentially the most terrible things you will revel in,” he says. On A Regular Basis, a staff might have a lot of lighting fixtures as well as food and water. it’s unlikely the boys have been at all prepared to spend greater than a few hours within the cave.

although they’re discovered alive, the problem will be how to get them out of there. Strong rains during the summer mean a protracted stretch of the passage would possibly neatly remain often flooded for months.

“Diving in a cave like that is very bad.,” says Mr Morris. “The water is transferring, it’s muddy and there may be nearly no visibility. that means the youngsters – if found alive – might have be provided for longer time until the water may also be introduced back off.”

as the seek efforts enter their fifth day, Internal Minister Anupong Paojinda stated officers were “assured the youngsters are nonetheless alive”.

“They Have food, they’re skilful, we’re confident they are safe.”

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