Thai cave rescue: What we discovered as boys tell of ordeal

1. How they got lost

On 23 June, following a football training session, the team’s tutor Ekkapol “Ake” Chantawong said the crowd had agreed to move “sightseeing” and discuss with the Tham Luang caves for the first time.

Symbol copyright Getty Images Image caption As rescuers were running to achieve the lads, they had started looking to dig their approach out

one in every of the lads stated they used stones to dig on the partitions.

Ake introduced that contrary to a few stories, all of the men can swim, although some “don’t seem to be strong swimmers”.

To Help go the time, the crowd said they played checkers together.

3. how it felt to peer rescuers

“It came about within the night time,” mentioned Adul Sam-on, 14, who described the moment that two British divers found out them squatting within the flooded chamber as a “miracle”.

“We have been sitting on a stone. We heard a few other people speaking. Tutor informed us to be quiet and pay attention,” he said.

Adul mentioned he took the flashlight and rushed down against the divers, then once they surfaced to speak, “I said hello”.

“I USED TO BE surprised as a result of they have been English, so I mentioned ‘hello’. They asked how are you? So I mentioned I’m ok. I requested if they wanted any help. and so they mentioned no and told me to move again up. Then he said, what number of of you?”

Symbol copyright Getty Images Symbol caption the men and their train pay tribute to diver Saman Gunan, who died handing over oxygen tanks to the cave

Ake stated the men would spend time as newbie Buddhist priests to honour the diver’s reminiscence.

Ex-navy diver dies on oxygen supply venture The heroes who stored the Wild Boars

the lads have been only advised of Saman Gunan’s sacrifice on Saturday, when it was firm that they have been sturdy sufficient to take the scoop.

“All cried and expressed their condolences via writing messages on a drawing of Lieutenant Commander Saman and noticed one minute of silence for him,” stated Jedsada Chokdamrongsuk, permanent secretary at the health ministry.

5. How they selected who was introduced out first

Coach Ake mentioned the plan was once mentioned intimately with the rescuers and Thai Military Seals.

The Gang ultimately selected a dangerous operation that concerned diving through waterlogged passages at the same time as the boys were sedated to keep them calm, after which carried out on “army-grade stretchers”.

When requested if the plan had involved bringing the men out in a undeniable order, Ake mentioned it hadn’t.

“they chose to go out voluntary. No weaker or stronger first.”

Image copyright AFP/Getty Symbol caption Rescue groups position cables into the cave complex

Dr Pak Loharnshoon, who was additionally at Wednesday’s press convention, stated that as all of the men have been wholesome sufficient to be moved, “any of them may exit first”.

Ake stated it came down to “whoever raised their hands first might go out first… a few of them didn’t want to move because they wanted to stick with the Seals”.

Dr Pak said that after the men have been first added meals in the cave, they found it so scrumptious that a few of them “snuck food out in wetsuits”.

With their press tasks now concluded, the men and their younger teach will in spite of everything return to their properties on Wednesday night.

Psychiatrists have recommended their households that the children can not have contact with the media for at least a month.

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