Trump’dan ‘Russian ballistics fuse’ instruction

US President Donald Trump gave directions to the Foreign and Defense ministries, the Office of the Chief of the General Staff and the National Intelligence Directorate to investigate whether Russia violated agreements with the RS-26 type ballistic fighter in 1987 between the US and Russia.

In a notice issued by the White House, Trump was notified that the Foreign and Defense Ministers, the Chief of the General Staff and the Director of National Intelligence authorized the investigation of the Russian RS-26 ballistic missile program in Article 1245 of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act .

In the 1245th article of Donald Trump’s December 12th, 2017, the Foreign and Defense Ministers and the Chief of the General Staff and the National Intelligence Director, in accordance with the instructions of the President, within 90 days of the law’s enactment, what needs to be forwarded.

The article envisions the determination of whether the US and Russia have violated the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (NEW START), which was enacted in 2011, and the Medium Scale Nuclear Force Agreement signed in 1987.

Under the law, which Russia tested RS-26 medium-sized ballistic missiles with warheads, Russia is required to determine whether the fuselage also covers the scope of the main restrictions of the NEW START Agreement and whether it agrees to show this system.

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