US kid migrants: Trump management says 1,800 reunited

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Media captionThe moment a migrant mom is reunited along with her son

The Trump administration says it has reunited greater than 1,800 migrant children with family members by way of a court docket-ordered deadline.

This comprises 1,442 kids reunited with their parents in US immigration custody and 378 others who were released, says a court filing.

But greater than 700 youngsters are not “eligible” to be reunited, together with 431 with oldsters no longer within the US.

US officers separated more than 2,500 children from undocumented adults.

The separations happened under the united states government’s crackdown on illegal immigration on the border with Mexico.

Of the 711 deemed ineligible, 120 youngsters’s parents “waived reunification”, according to the government, whilst dozens more remain separated as a result of “adult purple flag”.

US President Donald Trump halted the “0 tolerance” policy in overdue June after pictures of locked-up children and audio of them crying in distress prompted uproar.

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