‘Vaping’ pilot caused Air China aircraft to plunge 6,500m

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A co-pilot smoking an e-cigarette on an Air China flight caused the aircraft to start a rapid emergency descent, investigators have said.

They say he attempted to hide the truth that he was smoking however by chance shut off the air-conditioning, inflicting oxygen ranges to fall.

The workforce on Tuesday’s flight from Hong Kong to town of Dalian launched oxygen masks and brought the plane greater than 6,500m (21.000ft) decrease.

It later back to cruising altitude.

An preliminary probe through China’s Civil Aviation Management in China has proven that the co-pilot attempted to show off a fan to stop smoke achieving the passenger cabin without telling the captain, however turned off the air-conditioning unit as an alternative.

Symbol copyright Weibo Image caption Other People posted images on-line of the dropped oxygen mask at the flight

The regulator’s safety officer Qiao Yibin mentioned the team needed to perform emergency measures, shedding oxygen masks until they may figure out the issue.

If a airplane loses cabin drive, the pilot has to deliver the aircraft to a decrease altitude to keep crew and passengers safe.

after they saw that the air conditioning were became off, they reactivated it and brought the flight back to its customary altitude.

Authorities are reportedly investigating the lead to “in larger detail”, inspecting both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder to determine precisely what led to the incident.

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The airline promised a “0-tolerance” approach to team misbehaviour on Chinese social media web page Weibo.

Chinese Language flight rules limit all flight team from smoking, and banned passengers from the use of e-cigarettes on board in 2006.

But there have been accusations of pilots smoking on board other Chinese Language flights, together with in 2015 when the state-run radio spoke to passengers on a Hong Kong-Beijing flight who claimed to sniff strong smoke coming from the cockpit.

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