Triple sex murder

It is believed that Ivana Smit, who was found dead after he joined the triple sex party with the American crypto money trader and his wife, was sacrificed to the murder. The 18-year-old Dutchman Ivana Smit, modeled on Kuala Lumpur, was found dead on December 7th. Alexander Johnson, 45, after the triple sex party, and his wife, Luna, argued that the apartment had fallen 14 times below the balcony, resulting in an accidental death from alcohol and drugs. However, the second autopsy revealed that the model had died before the fall.

According to Dutch pathologist Frank van de Goot, the young model may have died before falling. The lack of blood that emerged after the moment of fall is evidence that Ivana had died before. It is also said that the morals in the upper arms of the model are not caused by the fall effect.

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