Internet giant great penalty!

The Indian Competition Authority (CCI) has fined money on the grounds that Google’s search engine, widely used in the country, has been biased in favor of its services and partners. Google has been given $ 1.36 billion (about $ 21 million) in fines for allegedly abusing market dominance over internet-borne searches.

In the description, it also warned Google to avoid unfair practices. The website “” and the CUTS, a consumer advocacy group, reported that the institution had reviewed Google after complaining in 2012. Complaints allege that Google manipulated search results to promote its own and its partners’ services. Last year, India filed a lawsuit against Google, which showed Prime Minister Narendra Modi as “the world’s most dumb leader” in search results. Previously, in the visual search results, Google, which denoted Modi as “the top 10 criminals in India”, apologized in 2015 for this mistake.

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