Apple verified! iPhone source codes leaked

In the past days, a user at GitHub posted the iPhone’s source code. The case was confirmed by the Apple side when it was alleged that the code belonged to the pre-boot section of iOS called iBoot.

“The security of the iOS architecture is not tied to the confidentiality of the source code, and our products have many layers of hardware and software protection.” saying, “iPhone users watered the heart of the water. Having removed the codes immediately, Apple shared the information that the published code was incomplete and that the iBoot code could not be completed. Authorities noted that operating system updates should be done in a timely fashion to reach a full level of security on the iPhone.

“Many people think Apple’s code will work for Apple, but Apple is using security in many different places, so iBoot codes do not represent a risk,” Will Strafach, a cyber security researcher, told TechCrunch in an interview. said.

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