German terrorists: We are fighting against Erdogan

Olive is a foreign national of terrorists killed within the scope of operations. There is black propaganda against the TSK and the OSO, which have killed many terrorists, including the English, the US, the Chinese and even the Germans.

Bild, one of Germany’s most prestigious journals, took the terrorists as “German Warriors” by standing next to YPG because of his opposition to President Erdogan.


The Bild magazine reports that YPG has been holding up a page with German terrorists, saying that “German warriors are fighting against Erdogan”. “Freedom of international troops fighting in Daesan now fighting against Turkey,” he wrote.


Bild gave place to the description of the Group’s so-called spokesman, “We ypg’n international fighters. We’re going to defend before Afrin against the fascist Turkish state as we now fight against deas” tried to intimidate Turkey with words.

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