The headscarved girl could not stand the pressure

Mennel Ibtissem, who participated in the song contest ‘The Voice’ published on the French television, learned that social media outlets blaming the government for being a “real terrorist” after the attacks in Nice and Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. Mennel faced quite harsh criticism due to his old tweets. After the criticism, the young girl who presented her remorse and encouragement from the social media account for these exchanges said, “These messages only then expressed the fear I shared with my friends on this network.” Mennel announced his decision to leave the race yesterday in his Facebook account.

A 22-year-old French citizen, who was on the French agenda and read English language teaching, applauded the performance of Mennel, a semi-English and semi-Arabic jury member of the famous Hallelujah of Syrian-born French citizen Mennel Leonard Cohen.

On the other hand, Mennel’s involvement in French television caused harsh criticism in the social media at this time of heated debate about Muslims and Islam in France. This program, which was followed by many extreme right-wing and anti-Islamic, millions of people, especially commenting on Twitter, criticized allowing a headscarved woman to participate.

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