In Germany ‘terror alarm’

In a statement made by the German Ministry of the Interior on a truck attack from the town of Münster in the North Rhine-Westphalia province of Germany, four people were killed and six were seriously wounded by more than 20 people. Among the deaths in the explanation, it was stated that the chauffeur used the truck. According to the German press, aggressive 48-year-old psychology was recorded by a broken German. It was announced that two people were taken into custody.

It is unclear whether the incident is a terrorist attack or not. There is no official explanation yet. However, it was stated that the security forces, taking into account the way the incident took place, emphasized the possibility of a terrorist attack. The Münster police controlled the scene of the incident from one side, while the entrances and exits of the city were controlled from the other side. He is trying to be illuminated by getting out of the car’s plate and the chauffeur who is dead in the car.

The government spokesman Ulrike Demmer made a statement from the Twitter account on behalf of the German government, saying, “There is horrible news from Münster that our city is in danger.

The Mayor of Münster, Markus Lewe, explained, “The whole Münster is suffering from this terrible event, and we express our hearts that our victims should have immediate healing with their relatives.”

Mehmet Koca
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