New move from Trump to China’s retaliation

In a statement from the White House, US President Trump’s US Trade Representative (USTR) has ordered China to introduce additional $ 100 billion in customs duties. & nbsp; As a result of extensive scrutiny under Article 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 by the USTR, Trump stated that China has consistently ruled that America is in the process of unfairly seizing the intellectual property. Trump suggested that China would introduce a $ 50 billion customs tariff on April 3, 2018 to allow the removal of the policies and practices described in the USTR review. Trump said, “Instead of making up for the Chinese mistake, we chose to hurt our producers and damage our farmers.” Due to China’s unjust reprisals, I have ordered the USTR to assess whether additional tariffs worth $ 100 billion will be eligible under Article 301, and if so, what products will be taxed.

Trump noted that the US is ready for negotiations to promote free, fair and mutual trade, and to protect Americans’ own intellectual property and technology, as the US Department of Agriculture has mandated a plan to protect American farmers.

The Trump administration has launched a trade war between the US and China, bringing in 25% and 10% additional customs duty on imports of steel and aluminum in the last month, respectively. . China, in response to additional customs duties on its steel and aluminum products a few days ago, decided to introduce 15 percent to 25 percent tariffs on 128 US products.

Immediately after this development, American companies are planning to introduce 25 percent additional customs duty on their 300 thousand Chinese products due to their illegal activities to capture technology and intellectual property. The Beijing administration was quick to respond to this move, which the US only targeted at China. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has announced that it will bring 25 per cent customs tax on the $ 50 billion item imported from the United States. & Nbsp;
policy için tanımlar
a course or principle of action adopted or proposed by a government, party, business, or individual.
the administration’s controversial economic policies
eş anlamlılar: plans, strategy, stratagem, approach, code, system, guidelines, theory, line, position, stance, attitude; practice, custom, idea, procedure, conduct, convention
a contract of insurance.
they took out a joint policy
an illegal lottery or numbers game.
Ayrıca bkz.
policy, accounting policies
policy çevirileri
policy, politics
policy, bill of exchange, commercial paper
politics, policy, diplomacy, statesmanship
precaution, measure, caution, policy, protection, discretion
prevention, measure, precaution, protection, provision, preventive
hareket tarzı
course of action, manner, behavior, behaviour, policy, proceeding
sigorta belgesi

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