Spiritual: ‘We condemn the existence of the USA in Syria’

Iranian President Hasan Ruhani spoke at a press conference in Tehran. The spiritual emphasized that the future of the region should be determined by the countries of the region in relation to the regional problems in the Middle East.

“Foreign powers should not intervene in the Middle East region”
“We are trying to solve all the problems we are witnesses in the region we are in with the political methods by negotiating with the countries in the region. However, we do not hesitate to discuss other countries not included in the Middle East. One of the most important goals in our negotiations has been that foreign powers did not intervene in regional problems and aimed to sell their weapons in our territory. We condemn the US presence in Syria. The US is following the targets that are not correct in the region and plans to divide Syria, “he said.

“Zionism is the greatest enemy of the region”
Referring to the Trump government in spiritual explanations, ” Shuan the first government in the United States is completely different from previous governments. The most influential person in the White House is the Zionist and he constantly travels to Israel, which in turn affects the Middle East and the whole world in a different way. Trump therefore declared Jerusalem the capital of the Zionist Israeli regime, but most of the world’s nations, apart from a few countries, opposed this miscalculation. We have to protect our unity more than the Middle East countries as always, “he said.

Celalettin ErduĊŸ

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