The EP resolution on Turkey adopted scandal!

The terrorist organization PYD / PKK’s so-called France Representative in the General Assembly hall welcomes European Parliament (EP), in a resolution adopted today, Turkey is reported that condemned the legal sanctions imposed on the person who terrorist propaganda.

AP General Council in Strasbourg on continuing the current status of human rights in Turkey, where the group was created jointly 7 vote on the draft resolution entitled.

Overall removing the hands of members of the Assembly vote with and a resolution was adopted providing the majority, Olive realized Turkey’s Syria against terrorist organizations Branch Operation criticized, it was stated that create concern the consequences that may arise from the terms of operation of the human.

Parliament, the Fetullahçı Terrorist Organization (FETO) strongly condemned the coup attempt on July 15, and the condemnation of this condemnation was announced in 2016, the removal of the announced application of the OHAL was made.

Turkey in terror-related activities due to arrested or imprisoned convicted person to a decision by the involvement of support calls, many of the European countries ban the terrorist propaganda in Turkey “freedom of thought” to the evaluation of the scope and arrests were asked to cease.

In the Kararda, the PKK was called upon to withdraw its weapons, to express its claims in passive and democratic ways, and to return to the table for re-negotiations.

Terrorist propaganda with harsh measures banning in EU countries, their presence in Turkey of such a request from MEPs drew attention.

It also noted that the European Union (EU) should address the support funds given to the candidate countries before accession, and that these funds should be paid to non-governmental organizations in order to ensure improvements in human rights, democracy and the rule of law, as well as in the state.

2016’nın in November of EU membership for Turkey “Freezing” direction API that accepts a decision, while in July last year the Turkish people agreed that constitutional amendments in a referendum, if the entry into force of accession talks “suspension” direction had taken a decision.

Strong reaction from the Minister Steel!

EU Minister Ömer Çelik responded to the European Parliament from his Twitter account:

“The reactions given to the Operation of the Olive Tree show how far the double standard has spread in the fight against terrorism. Some say ‘do not add war to war’. They do not take into account the terrorist attacks we face. Clearly this is ‘do not fight against terror’. But we do not add war to war. We are using our right to self-defense to stop the brutality of terrorist organizations that are attacking us in the most brutal manner.

Are those who express ‘worries’ against the Operation of the Olive Tree, not worried about the attack of terrorist organizations? Others say, ‘We understand your worries, but we have to focus on DEAS’. Those who are sensitive to themselves and to DEAŞ who are attacking us are rolling to the double standard of sympathy that they are not harming the PKK, the terrorist organization that attacked us.

This mindset is looking at the world with the disorder of distinguishing the value of human life according to the geography it is living in, or the ethnicity or religion it belongs to. That is why they are “terrorists” who attack them, and those who attack us are ignorant.

This is political and moral business. We are struggling. Precision from the beginning is shown to the utmost to avoid civilian casualties. I constantly remind civilians of the lives we lost with the rockets thrown by the terrorists to the ones who started the sentence as ‘civilian loss’.

We are fighting a very legitimate struggle. Unfortunately, terrorist organizations are taking weapons support from our allies, while their ideological support comes from their allies’ stems from the use of ‘worry’ and ‘civilian casualties’ in unstable and misplaced places.

Why have we not heard the same sentiments of “concern” and “civilian casualties” over the course of the month, when we are referring to the rockets that our terrorist organizations took from our allies?

Be the first anywhere in the world fight against terrorism, bringing to mind necessary to cooperate with Turkey are showing sympathy for the terrorist organization while the fight against terrorism for its own security. “

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