Test of US cowboys with Turkish horses

Five people from the culture embassy who came to introduce the cowboy culture learned to play oud and law in Bursa. The American cowboy gave a description of how to make good coffee.

In order to promote the cowboy culture in the US, 5 cowboys from Bursa came to horse riding on a horse farm. Members of the growing group of farms in the Wyoming state of the United States continued to show their shows with traditional songs and dances followed by games with lasso-binding and horses.

I was impressed with the Turkish culture

> In Bursa, where they came to introduce the cowboy culture, they had the opportunity to examine musical instruments such as cowboys, law, ud and darbuka, who were fascinated by Turkish culture. The cowboys gave the recipe of making good coffee, indicating that cowboy coffee and Turkish coffee are very similar. The cowboys who lecture the ladder to the children and youngsters in the farm later stepped on. Admired by the horses on the farm, the cowboys had a hard time because the horses did not obey the obedience. & nbsp;

Süleyman Aydın

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