Kosovo Ya illegal Serbian official detained

The detention took place in the northern part of Serbia, where the majority of Serbs are located. Zeljko Jovic was also detained along with Djuric who entered illegally into Kosovo.

Kosovo Serbs, gathered in the city center, were detained in Kosovo during a raid on a meeting hall by special operations units linked to the Kosovo police, after Djuric was taken into custody. The police threw slogans against him. The Serbs, protesting the arrest of Marko Djuric, by organizing action. Serbia’s Kosovo Office Chief Marko Djuric, who entered the northern unauthorized state despite all the excuses of the Kosovo Government, was brought to Pristina after his arrest by the special team. Djuric, who was brought to Pristina with high security measures, was detained in detention center. After the legal procedures, Serbian official Djuric was deported. & Nbsp;

According to informed sources, Djuric entered Kosovo last night. Djuric was detained by the Kosovo police when he addressed representatives of the Serbian public in a meeting room in northern Mitrovica.

While Kosovo President Hashim Thaci calls on the people to restraint, it is estimated that the detention will cause tensions between Kosovo and Serbia to become even more tense.

Ercan Kasap

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