Thailand cave rescue: How can rescuers free the men?

The found Thai cave boys July 2018 Symbol copyright AFP/ROYAL THAI MILITARY Symbol caption After 9 days, the group of boys and their teach have finally been discovered

After nine days trapped in darkness in a cave in Thailand, 12 boys and their soccer instruct have been discovered alive.

Two British divers discovered all THIRTEEN protected in a cavern within the Tham Luang cave device within the northern Chiang Rai province.

However the problem now is to get all of them out of the cave with emerging waters and dirt hindering get entry to and the trapped workforce’s well being an immense concern.

The military says the gang might need to attend within the cave for as much as four months for floods to recede.

So what are the choices to unfastened the children and their teach?

Symbol copyright AFP/ROYAL THAI NAVY Image caption Oxygen tanks have been prepared for divers outdoor the cave complex

Those skilled skilled divers still wanted a couple of hours to get to the trapped group from the doorway, via tiny, debris-strewn passages and aided through spherical-the-clock water pumping efforts to check out to clear the flood waters. And these boys aren’t educated divers.

Edd Sorenson, neighborhood co-ordinator in Florida for the International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery Service Provider, informed the BBC the diving possibility is “extraordinarily unhealthy and dangerous”, saying he would consider it “an absolute last resort”.

“Having somebody in 0 visibility that’s not familiar with… that sort of extreme stipulations, it’s actual simple and really most probably that they’d panic, and both kill themselves and/ or the rescuers.”


Authorities have tried to drill holes within the cave walls to assist drain a few of the flood water – even supposing the thick rock has hampered efforts.

There have additionally been ideas that drilling could be otherwise to get to the men, and to assist them out.

However to even begin the method, new roads would want to be built up above the caves to accommodate the heavy drilling equipment had to holiday through the rock.

Symbol copyright EPA Image caption Authorities have attempted to drill holes to let out flood waters

On most sensible of that, Mr Mirza explains you would want to have conducted a survey of the caves and to understand them back to entrance prior to it’s essential start drilling – another way there can be little probability of digging a hole in the proper position for the lads and their coach.

“It sounds simple but it’s if truth be told very difficult,” he says. “it’s a needle in a haystack problem.”


In a press convention, Chiang Rai governor Narongsak Osottanakorn mentioned they would continue to empty water out of the cave while sending medical doctors and nurses in to check the well being of the boys and their tutor.

“If the medical doctors say their physical situation is powerful sufficient to be moved, they will take them out from the cave,” he said.

But Mr Mirza says their health is a major fear. “After nine days without meals, you have to watch their meals consumption,” he says.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Government have set up a temporary health center near the cave entrance in practise to handle the trapped team

Folks deprived of meals can endure in poor health-health effects if not properly reintroduced to food – occasionally as critical as middle failure or comas.

Mr Mirza says if the group are on top floor, safe from flooding, and will be resupplied there that may be an even choice for now. Their in poor health-health “considerably compromises the rescue attempt,” he says.

Mr Sorenson agrees. “i believe they’d be better off bringing in food, water, filtration methods, oxygen if the air area wishes it and requires it”, he says.

“they have lighting and wish now, so i think waiting it out, as lengthy as they may be able to get supplies in there to cause them to relaxed and warm and fed and hydrated.”

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