The emergency situation in Tunisia was extended by one month

It is reported that Tunisian President El Baci Kaid es-Sibsi has decided to extend the state of emergency in the country since November 2015 for another month.

In a written statement from the President, Sibsi was consulted with Prime Minister Yusuf Şahid and Parliament Speaker Muhammad Nasır, and it was stated that the decision to extend the state of emergency by one month was valid.

The last state of emergency in Tunisia since November 2015 was last extended for three months in November.

A month-long emergency in Muhammad Hamis Caddesi, the capital city of Tunisia, declared in the country after the bombed attack targeting the Presidential Guard Regiment on November 24, 2015 was extended several times in the following period.

The state of emergency provides extraordinary powers to the Ministry of Interior and security departments, such as prohibition of meetings, declaring a ban on leaving the country, calling without a court order, controlling the press.

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