Trump went well! ‘My most magnificent work in Jerusalem’

US President Donald Trump, speaking to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhayu’s proprietor Sheldon Adelson, told the Israel Hayem newspaper that on December 6, Kudus was defined as the “capital of Israel,” forming the pinnacle of the military service.


Trump, who does not seem to care about the anger he created in Palestinian, Arab and Muslim countries, stated that he was always a man and that he proved it by recognizing Kudus as the “capital of Israel” in his election campaign and for a moment he did not regret it.


As the journalist’s general editor-in-chief, Boaz asked Bismuth’s most memorable moment in the first year of his presidency, Trump said without hesitation: “I think Jerusalem is the most spectacular moment. It was very important for me to define Jerusalem as your beautiful capital, an extremely important decision for many, thanking me for it. And to be completely honest, there were those who did not thank me. But it was a very important word and I did it. ”


Trump said, “Yes, I told you I wanted to do it in my first year.” “Do you anticipate that you will know Jerusalem in the first year of your presidency?” Trump said that other presidents promised on their campaigns, but they did not take this decision because they were under extreme pressure, he claimed he spent.


I made it very clear that Bismuth was the capital of Israel by removing Trump “Kudus” from the negotiating table on the question of what he meant by saying, “I mean the word” Kudus “. As for the specific borders, I will support it if there is a decision on the part of the two sides. ”


Trump ” I think Bismuth’s claim to Israel as ” Kudus ” as a capital is that there is something that Israel has to do in return, ” I think that both sides (Israel-Palestine) will have to make important concessions, ” he said.

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