Afrin worried about US

Turkey has walked in the Afrin and the terror’ve finished with the motto Olive Branch Operations As has become a source of pride for our country, but also one that is causing concern for the governments of the world.

the number one partner of the US in the region ypg’n PYD / PKK elements of Turkey Foreign Minister to hit Rex Tillerson is sending. The developments before this visit also show how dirty the US / PYD-PKK alliance is.


US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ahead of the visit to Turkey yesterday, a letter bearing the signature of authority reached eight members of the House of Representatives. In the letter, which Turkey has applied in Afrin “violence” while referring to the policy, he noted the damage to the operations carried out in the face of civilian deaths and Dease.

up here at all no problem for Turkey. Since the beginning of the Olive Branch, the Turkish media and the competent authorities are presenting proofs of PYD / PKK and its prosecutors to expose their black propaganda and to reveal their mistakes. But the real issue here is that three of the eight representatives …


The international press and NGOs, which are also internationally, have been pumping uninterrupted lies since the very first day of operations. In addition to these, yesterday, he officially took his hand in FETO. Jared Police, who signed the Mektuba sign, appeared to be linked to BDS Sherman and Adam B. Schiff.

In July Turkey’s request to extradite the 15 post-feto negative reference against which Jared Polis, Vice Chairman John Kerry, Obama’s term Feto leader had made a recommendation for Gulen’s extradition. However, it turned out that Brad Sherman gave briefings to the US government while there were calls for the PTO schools not to be closed. Another FBI officer, B. Schiff, turned out to be an initiative in the opposite direction of Gülen’s proposal.


Since the Olive Dalı Operation began, it has been systematically and safely progressed. Within the scope of this Operation, TSK and OSO troops, who acted with high sensitivity to the damage to the civilians, aimed to fight completely with the elements of PYD / PKK. Despite all this sensitivity, in the international media for the operation which is being tried to be distorted, photographs from old and different geographies are being tried to be shown as new and Afrin’miş.

One of the latest examples of this was done yesterday in Brussels. The members of the European press, who welcomed the PYD leader Salih Muslim, made it possible for Muslim to make propaganda for terrorism, and it was understood that the photographs shown there also had been withdrawn at Afrin.

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