‘Punish a Muslim Day’ letter suspect charged

Punish a Muslim Day letter Symbol copyright TellMamaUK Symbol caption Photographs of a letter said to be selling ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ were extensively shared online

a person accused of sending letters promoting “Punish a Muslim Day” has been charged with soliciting to murder, counter-terror police have said.

Anonymous notes calling for a co-ordinated attacked on Muslims had been sent to addresses across the UK.

David Parnham, 35, from Lincoln, has been charged with 14 offences in overall, including staging a bomb hoax and sending threatening letters.

He will seem ahead of Westminster Magistrates’ Courtroom on Friday.

Counter Terrorism Policing North East stated Mr Parnham was charged “in connection with an ongoing research into offensive communications”.

He faces:

One fee of soliciting to homicide Two charges of sending letters promoting a “Punish a Muslim Day”, encouraging the fee of offences 5 counts of sending a hoax noxious substance 5 fees under the Malicious Communications Act of sending threatening letters One rate of staging a bomb hoax

Police mentioned Mr Parnham was once arrested in Lincoln on Tuesday, whilst searches took place at a home and an place of business construction within the town centre.

The letters have been reportedly won in groups across England and Wales – together with West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Leicestershire, London and Cardiff.

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