World Cup 2018: Royal Mail bans all flags from vans

England flag attached to car Image caption Other drivers are loose to fly flags on their automobiles, equipped they are properly attached and not too large

Patriotic postal staff seeking to show their reinforce for England won’t be allowed to fly flags on their supply vehicles through the International Cup.

The Royal Mail has banned all flags and stickers from being placed on trollies, motorcycles, trucks and lorries.

It says they may distract drivers or “pose a possible hazard to other street users”, must they come loose.

But the Royal Mail isn’t banning flags altogether – they’ll be allowed to be displayed in places of work.

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the company mentioned the policy was once in position for previous World Cup tournaments.

Image copyright Reuters

Some have called Royal Mail’s resolution “unpatriotic”, whilst others mentioned it was the right resolution, as they were professional automobiles.

Riding with a flag hooked up to a car is criminal. But, according with the Freeway Code, it must not difficult to understand the driving force or any other road user’s imaginative and prescient, and it’s going to be fastened securely to the vehicle.

It may cost drivers on the pump although – with a few mavens claiming a normal automotive with flags hooked up burns a litre of gas more in step with hour than those without.

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