US jets hit YPG

There are moving minutes in Diyrizor where YPG is deployed in Syria. Syria’s largest oil field in the region performed the US operation. In the wrong coordination of the US, the gathering area of ​​the terrorist organization YPG / PYD / PKK was shot.


US planes have carried out operations in Diyrizor, which is under the control of the YPG, which the US regards as ally and performs operations together.

The operation, estimated to have been done with the wrong coordinates, is said to have neutralized 300 YPG’s by the US, indicating that YPG terrorists deployed in the region gave a great loss.


With YPG, the US has been operating hand in hand since the day the anti-DEA operations were launched. YPG has recently increased the area of ​​dominance in the oil town of Diyrizor, and the fight against ownership of petroleum in Syria is causing the conflicts of Russia-YPG-US-Iran and regime.

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