Israel declared 11-year-old “threat”

According to the Israeli channel 2 TV, a report by the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs mentions Cena, who lives in the Nebi Salih neighborhood of the West Bank, as a “danger to Israel in the future”.

Raporda mentions that she will be a replica of Cena’s cousin, daughter of Ahed et-Temimi’s aunt et-Temimi, known as “Palestinian brave girl” in the world because of her attitude towards Israeli soldiers when she was taken into custody in 2012.

Cena, who lives in Nebi Salih, is trying to record Israel’s violations of Palestinians through the camera’s phone and spread them on internet sites.

House, Nebi Salih neighborhood, where the weekly Cutaway Wall and anti-Jewish settlements near the site of the protesters Cena’s seven years old photos and images taken by tens of thousands of people are watched. Cena, who has documented Israeli violations of the Palestinians, is followed by thousands of people.

All of this causes Israel to see a girl as a “danger”.

“I decided to be the voice of the children in the hometown”
Speaking to an AA correspondent, Cena said that since Israel began to record violations at the age of seven, I have taken photos of Israeli soldiers’ interventions, fire, tear gas, Palestinian detention, killings and distressed people. said.

Cena said that he had learned at a young age, with his photographs and images taken by his anti-Israeli protest, which documented violations of Palestinians.

“I decided to be the voice of the children in my homeland, and I announce to the world with photos and images of their troubles,” Cena said. she said.

Cena said, “I work like a journalist, I do not do anything illegal, the invaders see me as a danger to Israel, it is not their problem that I am doing, they are legal. used expressions.

Cena, who quoted himself as “the world’s smallest journalist” on social networking sites, said:

“I am not afraid of the martyrs and the tear gas,” the Palestinian children will continue to defend their case and territory to live dignifiedly and freely, and I invade the peaceful path of the occupation … The report published by Israel and mentioned by me contains incitement to me. Ahed is the daughter of the aunt, my very dear friend, like my sister, who is being tried in Israeli prison for no reason at all, because he is expelled from our military lands who want to kill children “.

“We are children who can not survive childhood”
Cena, a 6th grade student at a school in Ramallah, said, “We want to live in peace and security without occupation like the children of the world, children who can not survive childhood. and I wish you lived with confidence. ” said.

Cena expressed his desire to study journalism at universities in order to convey the traces of the Palestinian people to the world.

Turkey stating that the awards last year as part of the International Goodness Awards given by the Religious Foundation Cane, “I met with the awards ceremony at the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul. Him I wanted to visit Palestine. They told me ‘I’ll visit when I hope liberation. I miss him,” he replied.” used expressions.

“Tel Aviv is afraid of a girl child”
Cena’s mother, Neval et-Temimi, underlined Israel’s report provocative, underscoring that it threatened her daughter’s life.

“Tel Aviv is afraid of a girl, because they are violating international law, every day they commit crimes against human rights, I worry about my daughter, but it is a national duty.” used expressions.

On the other hand, Luisa Morgantini, former Vice President of the European Parliament who visited Cena’s house, said that Cena was proud of what she did, saying: “It is a new generation example that resists in peaceful and modern ways. The press work is very good. terrorist ‘perception. ” said.

“Cena is a danger to Israel because it is destroying the portraits that Israel is trying to do about the Palestinians, and Cena has succeeded in sending messages to the peoples of the world.” Morgantini, using expressions, urged the international community to take the necessary steps to counter Israel’s violations of Palestinians.

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