Skoda Online Passed Mercedes in Launch

Skoda, who is actively communicating with his digital follower, succeeded in attracting attention to TNS, bringing the vehicle to the forefront of increased equipment, improved design and much more expensive semi-autonomous driving characteristics compared to the previous version.

Mercedes took second place with GLE’s online campaign, which replaced the M-class.

We would like Skoda to keep its relations with the electronic environment more closely in our country while we are based on 3000 Internet users who reside in Germany, England, France and Spain as target group in the TNS research.

The following statements in the TNS report are also striking: “As a reliable source of social media, blogs and other online media organizations in the process of purchasing, it is becoming increasingly important. If the producers do not invest in this area, they will suffer great losses in the market.

Based on 13,800 online interactions in Europe in July, the situation is as follows.

1. Skoda Superb 8.1

2. Mercedes GLE 5.9

3. Renault Kadjar 5.8

4. Renault Espace 4.8

5. Mercedes GLC 4.6

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