What was the question that stumped Nicola Sturgeon at FMQs?

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Mr Leonard insisted confident kids have been being “crushed” by means of those exams, with children “pushed to tears”.

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the first minister replied that after she were chatting with five-year-olds the former day, none was once in tears or beaten.

Ms Sturgeon said: “The Day Gone By morning i was spending my time in two number one colleges, to boot as a secondary school and an early years centre. And i used to be talking to a spread of number one school children including a few five-12 months-olds.

“i did not meet any of them in tears, it didn’t see any of them that looked overwhelmed. What I noticed were confident, brilliant enthusiastic kids – a few of the ones had been appearing me laptop coding and some had been speaking Mandarin, that may be how confident they have been.”

So what is the solution?

…a “invoice” it could appear.

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