General Motors will sell autonomous vehicle without steering wheel and pedal in 2019 is

The interest and work on autonomous vehicles continues to increase day by day. General Motors, one of the leading automobile manufacturers, wants to start producing steering and non-pedal vehicles until 2019.

The car will be driven without the driver and electric, and will be driven to the market as the 4th Generation of the Chevrolet Bolt model. He has already started test driving in some cities of America.

We continue to see autonomous vehicle work in different designs, but General Motors’ goal is to design more realistic vehicles and to offer them in short order. The only difference between a car produced by General Motors and a design that looks very similar to the cars we see every day is that the steering wheel and control pedals are not available in the car.

In addition, since there is no law on the traffic of such vehicles yet, General Motors has already started working on preparing the safety reports and making the necessary arrangements. If there is not a mishap, we can start to see these vehicles in traffic in 2019.

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